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Case Study: Optimizing High Holy Days Campaigns

Discover how Infinitude Consultants partnered with several Jewish community organizations to optimize their High Holy Days campaigns, increasing donations and registrations for New Jewish Year events.

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Clients Background

Name and Industry:

  • Congregation on the West Coast

  • Congregation in Florida

  • Hillel in Southern California

    Business Overview: All three are Jewish community organizations that rely heavily on the High Holy Days season to sell tickets for their services and reach their yearly fundraising goals.


The Challenge

Initial Situation: These organizations excel in providing tailored, inspiring, and educational services for their communities. However, their primary source of registrations and donations has been word of mouth, which limits their potential for expansion.

Specific Challenges:

  • Lack of an engaging digital presence to promote High Holy Day services.

  • Outdated registration and ticketing systems providing incomplete information.

  • Donation pages that fail to inspire donors and are complicated to use.

  • Absence of a digital marketing plan to promote services across social media, email marketing, websites, and paid advertising.

  • Low traffic, making marketing efforts feel unimpactful.

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Client’s Objectives:

  • Fill all available seats for High Holy Day services, including digital seats for live Zoom broadcasts.

  • Increase gifts and donations to support their cause.

  • Upsell sliding scale tickets for multiple services (e.g., all-access tickets).

  • Incentivize early registration on digital platforms to better plan for each service.



  • Created a funnel to increase registration and donations, including specific goals for each step, platform breakdowns, and integrations based on technical needs and available tools.

  • Implemented the funnel strategy, creating all necessary assets, improving the user experience for existing assets, and ensuring a flawless user journey.

  • Developed a content strategy to promote High Holy Days services.

  • Established strong calls to action to encourage donations.

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Services Used

  • Optimized content for the funnel’s core pages, enhancing copy, graphics, and usability.

  • Developed a 60-day organic content plan for social media, including various content forms and reusable templates.

  • Crafted autoresponder email sequences to engage new registrants and donors.

  • Designed and managed Facebook ads, including graphics, videos, copy, targeting, retargeting, and tracking.



  • Timeline: 60-90 days leading up to the High Holy Days season.

  • Key Actions: Created a comprehensive funnel roadmap for High Holy Days services, ensuring an engaging and meaningful user experience. Provided strategy, systems, and skillsets necessary for fundraising success.

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Congregation on the West Coast:

  • 239 registrations for services leading up to the High Holy Days.

  • Registration page converted over 10% of users to sign up.

  • Over 30% of traffic originated from social media advertising campaigns.

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.55.06.png

Image 1: Registration analytics for High holy Day Services

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.50.59.png

Image 2: Facebook advertising campaign results

Congregation in Florida:

  • Filled their building with over 200 attendees.

  • 127 registrants came from the digital funnel, donating an average of $200 per registrant.

  • 10% of all registration page attendees originated from social media advertising campaigns.

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.53.42.png

Image 3: Registration analytics report

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.51.24.png

Image 4: Facebook advertising campaign results

Hillel in Southern California:

  • 320 signups for High Holy Day services, including 181 current students.

  • 149 leads generated from social media advertising campaigns, with over a 50% conversion rate on the landing page.

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.53.21.png
צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.55.19.png

Image 5: Student Registration and attandance

Image 6: Facebook advertising campaign results

צילום מסך 2024-05-22 ב-14.54.54.png

Image 7: Website registration analytics


Client Testimonial

"Infinitude helped us up our game with digital communications from email campaigns to digital marketing. During our first project, it felt like a sort of bootcamp (in the best way) to maximize campaigns. We now hire them on a project basis, like for our end of calendar year campaign and High Holy Days, galas, etc. They helped us develop our own email voice so really now we hire them to think through things and they execute on Facebook ads, while I feel generally confident handling the emails."

— Gisele G.

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