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Case Study: Elevating Jewish Federation's Digital Marketing Success

Explore how Infinitude Consultants partnered with a Jewish Federation to revitalize their digital marketing strategy, enhance donor engagement, and boost donations through targeted digital advertising and training.

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Client Background

Name and Industry: Jewish Federation from the South
Business Overview: The marketing department in a major southern city oversees marketing for all Federation events, nurturing existing donors, and expanding the $0-$1,000 donor base for the Annual Campaign.


The Challenge

Initial Situation: Despite consistent social media posting, a massive email list, and excellent design philosophy, the Federation's new traffic reach had stagnated. This resulted in a missing component in their marketing pipeline, specifically the final step to increase donations for the $0-$1,000 donor level.

Specific Challenges:

  • Lack of a reliable source for website traffic.

  • Low conversion rates on donation pages.

  • Efforts on social media seemed unnoticed.

  • Uncertainty on how to tackle these challenges effectively.

  • Lack of professional marketing knowledge.

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Client’s Objectives:

  • Establish a dominant digital brand to drive meaningful online interactions.

  • Increase conversion rates on donation pages and identify the source of all digital donations.

  • Develop a robust reporting system for future decision-making.



  • Introduce paid digital media advertising to enhance traffic flow to the Federation website, focusing on awareness, engagement, and conversion campaigns.

  • Update the user experience (UX) within the existing tech stack.

  • Create a system for monthly reporting, including data analysis and effective presentation of data for decision-makers.

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Services Used

Initial Campaign Set-Up: Assisted in creating key social media advertising campaigns for awareness, engagement, and conversions. This included:

  • ​Audience segmentation and population.

  • Content split-testing.

  • Optimization of landing and donation pages.

  • Tracking with Meta Pixel and data analysis.

  • Increasing conversion rates

Training (up to 3 team members):

  • Building additional campaigns and using the right type of campaign to achieve goals.

  • Updating and split-testing content.

  • Managing audience settings.

  • Integrating fitting destinations.

  • Tracking conversions with Meta Pixel and interpreting results.



  • Timeline: 4 Months

  • Key Actions: Initial digital campaign set-up and comprehensive training for the marketing team.

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Quantitative Metrics:

  • 4.2% increase in conversion rates.

  • Over 50% of website donations originated from social media ads.

  • 10% increase in new website users.

  • 19% increase in website sessions.

  • 50% increase in website donations.

צילום מסך 2024-05-23 ב-14.05.11.png

Image 1: Donor page on the website after the first month

צילום מסך 2024-05-21 ב-16.54.16.png

Image 2: Conversion rates on website compared to previous month

Qualitative Outcomes: 

  • Over 20 hours of training provided.

  • Produced 3 awareness campaigns, 2 engagement campaigns, and 2 conversion campaigns.

  • Created over 200 individual ads across all campaigns.

  • Implemented audience segmentation and targeting.

  • Achieved over 600,000 online reach on social media.

צילום מסך 2024-05-23 ב-14.15.13.png

Image 3: Graph of Social Media Reach over one month period.


Client Testimonial

"Infinitude are the brains behind our brand and worked closely with both our teen programs in redesigning our marketing materials and strategies. We saw a huge increase in recruitment in both programs---plus they are so wonderful to work with!!"

— Michele L.

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