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Case Study: Transforming Jewish Teen Initiative’s Digital Presence

Discover how Infinitude Consultants partnered with the Jewish Teen Initiative on the West Coast to overcome their digital challenges and transform their online presence into a thriving hub for Jewish teens and their parents.

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Client Background

Name and Industry: Jewish Teen Initiative on the West Coast
Business Overview: A Jewish digital hub for teenagers and their parents, providing valuable information about teen programs, volunteering opportunities, internships, and college guidance.


The Challenge

Initial Situation: In the second year of a five-year plan to develop their website and digital presence, the Jewish Teen Initiative faced a lack of direction, resulting in numerous patch fixes that left the project feeling pointless and on the brink of failure.

Specific Challenges:

  • Lack of clarity on the site’s purpose, direction, objectives, or strategy.

  • Vague and inconsistent voice that failed to engage the target market.

  • Absence of exciting or engaging elements to retain user interest.

  • Limited opportunities for user engagement and involvement.

  • Low website traffic, rendering the site ineffective.

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Client’s Objectives:

  • Position the initiative as the go-to resource for Jewish parents of teens in their area.

  • Expand the site’s online reach and make it well-known quickly.

  • Build a new email list and user base to consistently retarget, deepen relationships, and convert into loyal brand advocates.

  • Increase awareness of opportunities for Jewish teens within the community.

  • Create unique, engaging content to inspire families to take action.

  • Develop a sustainable, scalable system to serve the initiative and fellow teen programs for years to come.



  • Clarified and solidified the site’s goals to attract and engage parents of Jewish teens.

  • Conducted market research to understand the core values, desires, concerns, and needs of the target audience, ensuring consistent, relevant content.

  • Developed a detailed page-by-page breakdown of the website’s user flow to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

  • Designed lead magnet funnels to convert visitors into email subscribers.

  • Created a comprehensive social media marketing plan focusing on Facebook, detailing content types and frequency to drive specific calls to action.

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Services Used

  • Optimized content for the website’s core pages, improving copy, graphics, and usability.

  • Developed a 90-day organic content plan for Facebook, including various content forms and reusable templates.

  • Generated lead magnet ideas and set up optimized pages and features for opt-ins.

  • Crafted autoresponder email sequences to engage new subscribers.

  • Designed and managed Facebook ads, including graphics, videos, copy, targeting, retargeting, and tracking.



  • Timeline: 90 days for initial set up, Over 2 years of monthly content creation and management

  • Key Actions: Created a comprehensive roadmap for the website relaunch, ensuring an “easy take-off” and a successful launch. Provided strategy, systems, and skillsets necessary for long-term brand success.

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Quantitative Metrics:

  • Website Traffic: Average of 4,068 visitors per month after the first year; 6,885 visitors per month after the second year.

  • Email List Growth: 498 new subscribers in the first year, increasing to 1,144 by the end of the second year, with a 55% open rate and 3.2% click rate.

  • Social Media Engagement: Over 127,000 organic reach in the first year

Facebook page reach graph of client reach

Image 1: Facebook page reach yearly graph

Client best perfoming posts - reach and interactions

Image 2: Top posts reach

  • Social Media Advertising: Over 157,000 reach and 4,000+ clicks to the website.

Results from Facebook advertising campaigns

Image 3: Results from 3 best performing evergreen Facebook ads campaigns

Qualitative Outcomes: 

The initiative saw a significant increase in user engagement and awareness, leading to higher participation in teen programs and a stronger community presence.


Client Testimonial

"Infinitude are the brains behind our brand and worked closely with both our teen programs in redesigning our marketing materials and strategies. We saw a huge increase in recruitment in both programs---plus they are so wonderful to work with!!"

— Michele L.

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