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The Digital Jump
Online Mini-Course

A Free 3-Day Online Mini-Course For Jewish Community Professionals & Leaders To Gain The Digital Systems, Strategies & Tools That Will Streamline Your Organization's Growth & Community Impact (& Ditch The Ones That Are Holding You Back!)

When: As soon as you sign up! The Mini-course videos are sent to you via email

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Is This Mini-Course For You?

Jewish community professionals, leaders, and volunteers are welcome to join this free 3-day learning opportunity. You'll especially enjoy it if you...

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Are currently responsible for your organization's marketing and online systems-based work and feel frustrated and overwhelmed in your role

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Are unsure if how your organization is operating online is the most efficient and streamlined way to reach your goals, and if your efforts are currently moving the needle forward

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Are stuck in old, outdated systems that you feel are holding you back

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Want to know how to utilize social media so that it drives in new potential families and deepens your relationship with your current community

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Want to know how you can more affectively fundraise and get more dollars in the door using digital tools

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Are ready to bring your organization into the 21st century by implementing high-level systems that will make achieving your goals easier

Why Take The Digital Jump Mini-Course?

Jewish organizations have a vision for engaging with more community members and deepening their impact on the world. But the how is what often stumps them when they realize how much time, energy, strategy, and skill is necessary to achieve it.

This Mini-Course is here to guide the path for Jewish community organizations so that they can finally understand how to articulate their goals online, how to create a digital strategy they can follow, what pitfalls to avoid along the way, and to achieve this with the time and resources they already have.

Welcome to the Digital Jump Mini-Course. We can't wait to see you there!

Three Course Videos.
Three Transformational Topics.

Questions About The Digital Jump Mini-Course

When is this opportunity taking place?

This Mini-Course consists of 3 pre-recorded videos that are sent to you via email. You can watch them online at your own pace. 

How long is each video?

We know how busy you are, which is why each day will consist of a 30-minute learning session. 

What is the cost of the Mini-Course?

The Mini-Course is 100% free. 

Meet The Hosts

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This free Mini-Course sounds like an awesome opportunity! Send it to me via email. 

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