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Be a Step Ahead: Start Planning for the High Holy Days

As we approach the High Holy Days, it's time to start thinking about how to make the most of this important season for your organization. The High Holy Days are not just a period of reflection and community gatherings; they also present a significant opportunity for fundraising and engagement within the Jewish community. Planning ahead is crucial to ensure that your efforts are well-coordinated and impactful.

Key Areas to Focus On:

Email Campaigns

Determine the number of emails you plan to send and create a content calendar to keep your messaging consistent and timely. Well-crafted email campaigns can help you reach a wider audience, keep your supporters informed, and inspire them to take action.


Plan your direct mail campaigns to reach your donors with personalized messages and appeals. Direct mail can be a powerful tool for connecting with your supporters on a more personal level. Ensure your mailings are well-designed and tailored to resonate with your audience.

Website Updates

Identify the new pages and updates needed on your website to support your High Holy Days campaigns. Ensure your donation page is optimized and easy to navigate. A user-friendly website can significantly enhance the donor experience and increase the likelihood of receiving contributions.

Event Planning

Start organizing community gatherings and events to foster connections and encourage participation. Events during the High Holy Days can strengthen community bonds and provide a platform for engaging with your supporters in meaningful ways. Plan events that are inclusive and reflective of the season's themes.

Engagement Strategies

Develop targeted strategies to engage with different segments of your donor base, from personalized emails to social media posts. Tailoring your engagement strategies to the unique preferences and behaviors of your donors can increase their involvement and support.

Learn from Past Successes

To see how we successfully executed High Holy Days campaigns in previous years, check out our detailed case study here. Learning from past successes can provide valuable insights and inspire new ideas for your upcoming campaigns.


By starting your preparations now, you'll be well-equipped to make the most of the High Holy Days and achieve your fundraising and engagement goals. Effective planning and execution can help you maximize the impact of this important season for your organization.



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