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How To End The Cycle Of Failed Marketing Strategies In 2023

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Marketing always seems fun to talk about and plan until you actually have to do it.

The inconvenient truth is that copywriting, graphic design, video creation, social media marketing, and email marketing can be very difficult skills to master, and it’s even harder to implement them consistently at a high level.

As a result, 99% of Jewish organizations land in one of the following categories:

  1. Their marketing efforts are left to a team member whose expertise lies elsewhere, but for one reason or another, they still end up with the marketing responsibilities

  2. Their marketing efforts are managed by a marketing department that is bogged down by way too many projects and department needs simultaneously

  3. Their marketing needs are ignored altogether because they simply don’t have the knowledge on how or where to start

By the end of the year, when looking back on your organization’s marketing successes and challenges, it can be frustrating to see that the original marketing vision was not fulfilled and the results were not met.

If this sounds familiar, here is how your organization can end the cycle of failed marketing efforts in 2023:

1. You’re overcomplicating the content

When I run digital audits on organizations, it’s very rare that I review a newsletter that doesn’t include ten different announcements, five different images, and seven different links to click on. With all of the information they’re sharing, they’re shocked that they aren’t getting more people to open their emails to click on their links. The same goes for social media posts and website pages.

The answer as to why is obvious: You’re overcomplicating your content which is overwhelming or confusing your audience.

To increase your engagement and community response to your content, stop saying everything at once and start saying only what’s most important in an engaging voice. (It’s easier to do this when you have a clear, prescheduled content calendar and don’t need to distribute announcements last minute.) And say it in a way that’s warm, funny, and has personality. Otherwise, you’ll blend in with the noise and sound like everyone else.

2. You’re oversimplifying your systems

When it comes to creating and distributing content across your platforms, I can take a guess that you probably don’t have a content calendar system or Standard Operating Procdure in place that makes it easy to implement and repeat each month. You also probably don’t use a scheduling tool, templated emails, templated graphics, a brand guide, or tool integrations.

While all of this might seem complicated, it will make your life so much easier when you use them correctly. Without digital marketing systems in place, it’s nearly impossible to stay consistent, to ensure quality, and to track your progress.

Build solid systems around your marketing and I promise that it will make a tremendous difference in how you operate, how much time you put into your marketing, and the results you get.

3. You’re underutilizing the most powerful social media tool

Most organizations don’t use Facebook and Instagram advertising even though it is hands down the most powerful social advertising tool available to you.

Posting organically to Facebook and Instagram has very little affect since the only people who might see your content are your existing followers, and only a small percentage of them will see your post in their newsfeed due to the algorithm.

Implementing a high-level and long-term Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy will allow you to achieve four goals:

  1. It will help you stay top-of-mind for your existing audience and re-engage those who might have distanced themselves

  2. It will help you get on the radar of Jews in your community who don’t know you but might be looking for a Jewish commnity to become involved with

  3. It gives you the chance to share fresh digital branding for your organization which will appeal to younger generations and engage younger people

  4. It can work as a fantastic tool during fundraising seasons to get donations in the door faster and more efficiently

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to end the cycle of failed marketing strategies is to stop creating them if if you don’t have the tools, systems, tracking abilities, and knowhow to make it happen. As a Jewish community expert, you should be focusing on your expertise and zone of genius. Let us as digital systems consultants take care of the rest.


Contact us here to discuss how I can help you develop and execute a systematized marketing strategy in the new year that is custom to your goals and needs. We work as trusted partners in your organization and are here to listen, support, and guide you in creating a digital ecosystem that helps your organization have a bigger impact. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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