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Is Your Organization’s Marketing Making an Impact?

The Complete Guide To Building a Strong Marketing Ecosystem That Drives More Donations and Community Engagement in Fiscal Year 2025

Live Digital Seminar

Join us for a comprehensive two-session seminar designed to empower marketing professionals and executives in Jewish nonprofits. This seminar will equip you with the tools and insights needed to optimize your marketing efforts and create a greater impact for your organization.

Day 1: Understanding Organizational Needs for Effective Marketing

This session focuses on familiarizing marketing professionals with the broader organizational needs. You will learn how to tailor your marketing strategies to align with your organization's goals. Key topics include:

  • Maximizing Donations: Understand why donations are crucial for nonprofit success and how effective marketing can boost donations.

  • Data Analysis and Donor Segmentation: Learn to analyze donation data, segment donor lists, and optimize donation timing to increase contributions.

  • Reporting and Insights: Discover essential reports and how to interpret data for actionable insights.

  • Campaign Strategy Development: Develop strategies for major campaigns and segment audiences for targeted messaging.

  • Enhancing Event Registration and Attendance: Identify successful strategies to boost engagement and attendance at events.

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Day 2: Defining Marketing Roles and Expectations

This session is designed to clarify the responsibilities of marketers in Jewish organizations, providing executives with a roadmap to guide their marketing teams. Topics covered include:

  • Optimizing Email Marketing: Improve email segmentation, update templates, and enhance engagement.
    Website Review and Optimization: Enhance user experience, streamline website pages, and update SEO for better visibility.
    Content Creation and Social Media Strategy: Develop impactful content, avoid algorithm-demoted posts, and update social media profiles.
    Facebook & Instagram Advertising: Learn effective advertising strategies to increase reach and promote events.


Each day will conclude with a Q&A session and a summary of key points, ensuring you leave with actionable insights to apply to your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategies and drive success in your Jewish nonprofit.

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